From the heart of Europe


For ages, people from all over the world have come to Belgium to taste our unique and delicious fries. This time though, our fries are making their way to you. Have a try yourself, and see why Belgian fries are the only real fries.

Why Belgian fries?

Belgium lies at the heart of the European potato region. The ultimate combination of climate and territory for potatoes gives Belgian fries a head start. Centuries of craftsmanship have led to an exhaustive knowhow and expertise in product and production. No wonder Belgium is the world’s number one export country of frozen potato products!

How to import frozen fries?

The Belgian suppliers spare no effort to assure a good cooperation. It all starts with top quality products, backed by customized service, insights and advice. The companies form a trustworthy and communicative trade partner.

All information on Original Belgian fries always at hand?
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